Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Can you tell me what the male protagonist is like? I asked at the television company's long-form conference table. The actor can only be set tonight, but when you are shooting the day after tomorrow, you will see him and will not let you down. He has a lot of experience in performing and can take you with you, said the director.

In the first half hour, he asked me a lot of questions. Can you fully nude on the back? I shook my head. What about naked back? This is a little lower difficulty. I thought of thinking of myself as a skeleton, mcm backpack replica more like a zombie piece? The secretive temptation of the director indicates that this is a cottage version of the play. We will make you beautiful, don't worry about it. I have not been too generous in accepting this attempt to have a professional interest in life.

The day after tomorrow arrived soon, and everyone was in place. The actor also came from the narrow alley of the big righteousness. He wore a loose trousers and a tight white vest. Every step he took was accompanied by slight trembling of the muscles of his arms. Oh, this is an actor. There is a range of children. If you hold a wooden stick in your hand, it's up to Xiao Taibao to fight.

I've always had a hard time digesting a hunk boy. Fortunately, he has a humorous face. He can even smile with his curved mouth and smile. When he doesn't laugh, he holds a cool black man.

Stay in the dressing room and watch the powder on her face grow thicker. The whole eye becomes black like a panda. I couldn't help but took the makeup to bed at night and would be very incompetent. In my mind, I fluttered through the vulgar and hilariousness of Hong Kong's ancient costumes.

He is a professional actor who knows how to grasp the rhythm of his opponent. During the normal morning outdoor games, he only kept a cordial smile, but in the afternoon, the laugh slowly became bad. It was called step by step to arrange for the plot.