Thursday, October 25, 2018

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These have caused many young people to be unmarried but have already begun to fear marriage. As the Spanish Le Monde said: Belt Store's high prices, the destruction of young people's love, but also destroyed the imagination of young people. They could have used poetry, traveling together, and reading clubs. But now, as soon as young people graduate from college, they become middle-aged people, and like middle-aged people, they are meticulous in their daily necessities. Their life, from the beginning, was material and worldly, and they could not experience a romantic life, a way of life oriented to the soul.

Our young people are too tired to live. Their life has only two phrases: success and hard work! From elementary school to university, they are busy with various exams; after graduation, they are busy looking for work and getting married; after marriage, they are busy with children and raising children; and when they retire, they must show their children children ... so they are alive! When money is the hard truth instead of development is the hard truth, men take the house in the city as the standard of happiness, women are able to marry a person with a house as happiness; rich people can With money, beautiful women are bought as happiness, and poor people are given the money they can make as happiness. So, the so-called love, the so-called morality, are all left behind.

Recently, Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Triple White of Hangzhou opened a BMW car back to the community and was hit by a tricycle that sent the delivery. She said that while the other side was driving a car while playing a mobile phone, parking the horn, or being damaged by the headlights, the replacement was probably more than 13,000. Since the delivery guy was only 15 years old and his ability was limited, the two parties negotiated a compensation of 4,000 yuan. However, after paying 1,000 yuan, the guy repented and said: You are so rich, why do you have to pay me? Ms. Wang said: I can Do not make compensation, but after making mistakes, I would be morally kidnapped with the idea that 'I am poor, my life is not easy, I shouldn’t be compensated' and I am very angry. (According to the 1818 Golden Eye)

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