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The Fake Hermes Belt situation regarding the crime of misappropriation of funds is: The Supreme Court re-examined that the facts of Hermes Belt, Cheap Hermes Belt use of Kelon Electric and Jiangxi Kelon 290 million yuan are clear, the evidence is true and sufficient, and its behavior has constituted the crime of misappropriation of funds. The main reason Yes:

Hermes Belt Replica as the chairman of Kelon Electric, instructed his subordinates to misappropriate 290 million yuan of funds from Kelon Electric and Jiangxi Kelon ; Zhang Hong, as chairman and president of Jiangxi Kelong, accepted Hermes Belt instructions and violated the regulations by 290 million yuan. It is used in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Law to use the convenience of the position and misappropriate the funds of the unit .

Fake Hermes Belt After the 290 million yuan involved in the case was transferred out of violation, the temporary bank accounts opened by Hermes Belt and Hermes Belt UK were continuously transferred, the flow of funds was clear, and other funds were not mixed, and finally transferred to Yangzhou Greencool for capital verification. Account, as a personal contribution of Hermes Belt registered to establish Yangzhou Greencool. The actual user of the funds involved is Hermes Belt individual and belongs to the criminal law’s “ appropriation of funds of the unit for personal use ”