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The above allegation, Replica Louis Vuitton Belt instructed the subordinates to use the funds of Kelon for personal capital to register the company, which is Louis Vuitton Belt

Fake Louis Vuitton Belt misappropriation of funds of the unit for personal use”. However, there are two doubts: Louis Vuitton Belt Replica is the legal representative of the company. The use of company funds and the transfer of funds should belong to the normal terms of reference. It can be said that the funds are borrowed. Such things abound. If the chairman’s loan to the affiliated company is not allowed, it does not conform to the economic law, and it is not in line with the common sense. Second, the foothold is whether the beneficiary of the fund is personal? Although the appropriation of this case is used for the registration of the individual, Louis Vuitton Belt UK Sale it depends on the purpose of the company. If the establishment of the company is to carry out the Kelon business needs, and the ultimate interests are attributed to Kelon, the allegations of beneficiary to individuals are also difficult to establish. Therefore, the tail of this case that maintains the original judgment is also a matter of discussion. While retaining this tail, the prosecution of the original case retained a certain degree of legitimacy, Louis Vuitton Belt and there was no state compensation and accountability for the former judicial personnel. It is meant to be.
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